A Year in PR: Part VI

“Popular video games such as the upcoming release of Mass Effect for PC, offer consumers over 50 hours of entertainment. Compared to other things that you can get for $60 these days, video games like Mass Effect provide more value for your dollar. Going to the movies costs $10 for two hours of entertainment. For $60 at the movies, you would only receive 12 hours of entertainment, which is 4 times less than a video game such as Mass Effect. For that matter, $60 won’t even get some car owners a full tank of gas, which would likely only last a week. Why not stay home, save the environment, and play Mass Effect?”

– EA bring out the calculators for a Mass Effect PC Press Release.



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4 responses to “A Year in PR: Part VI

  1. You know what’s interesting though – I’ve never seen that assumption questioned by anyone before. People don’t *want* to spend 60 hours doing the same thing, so I think the comparison is rather misleading…

    Well… the quote’s dumb, but your highlighting of it sparks some ideas! Well done!

  2. I can stare at my own wall for free for an unlimited number of hours. Now that’s value!

  3. @dhalgren – haha! But can you save the environment while you are at it?

    @Ben – Yeah, I’ve often thought of this one as quite interesting, despite its wondrous bizarreness. Some press release writer, somewhere, was having a laugh to themselves while they wrote this, surely?

  4. It reminds me of something Warren Spector said:

    “Even a sixty dollar game usually offers more value than a sixty dollar date… ”

    Talk about apples & oranges!

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